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Can we discuss Colors & Tastes ?

Güncelleme tarihi: 7 Ara 2018

Yes , it is possible to discuss colors. Especially if you are a designer you do not have the luxury to hide behind the personal taste but you should have total understanding of the language of color both objectively and subjectively...

I have been teaching Color in Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University Industrial Design Department to the 3rd and 4th year students since 2004. The first open workshop version of this course was held December 2017 as a part of activity with professionals series, held by ETMK ; Industrial Designers' Society of Turkey, Ankara Branch. The seminar topic was ‘Color in Industrial Design and Associations ‘ and the participants of the Color Workshop were wide variety of voluntary students from different levels and schools. The result was incredibly productive.

We certainly make a colorful mess but finally gain a lot of experience and fun from the process. Trial & Error method is the beginning point to learn from our experiences in color education and that was exactly what we did with the participants in our Color Workshop day. With a few hour workshop participants figured how effective colors could be in the process of decision making in everyone's life and they experienced the power of control on color language in design.

Enjoy the colorful moments of our workshop…

It was absolutely a pleasure for me, to meet young and passionate future designers who didn't see heavy snow as an obstacle and joined the crowd. And thanks to ETMK Industrial Designers' Society of Turkey, Ankara Branch for hosting and supporting the workshop.

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